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MFHA Policies & Guidelines

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Code of Hunting Practices (2015) MFHA's code of hunting practices is aimed at ensuring that not only new-comers to hunting but everyone who participates understands that it is their absolute obligation to maintain the highest standards of sportsmanship and good behavior at all times.
Constitution & By-Laws (2010) By-Laws of the MFHA.
Forming a Hunt: Considerations and Structure (2003) A detailed guide on forming a hunt - considerations and structure.
Foxhound Kennel Notebook (2007) 4th Edition A comprehensive kennel guide. Also a source of information and training tool for new huntsmen as they embark on their new position to care for and hunt a pack of hounds.
A Guide for Hound Shows, Puppy Shows & Performance Trials (2013) A guide to assist Masters and hunts with understanding the rules of hound shows, puppy shows and performance trials and how to organize them.
A Guide to Being a Master of Foxhounds (2015) Outlining the basic competencies that are required within each hunt so as to advise Masters on what is expected of them collectively.
Guide to Establishing a Foxhunting Camp (1999) A guide to establishing a foxhunting camp.
Guide to Kennel Standards of Care Checklist (2013) A laminated poster to be used in kennels for reference.
Guide to Leishmaniasis (2014) A guide providing information on symptoms and actions necessary for responding to this hound disease.
MFHA Guidebook & Rules (2015) Rules, regulations and procedures adopted by the MFHA with information on customs, usages, and traditions of the sport.
Guidelines for Developing a Plan to Manage Anti-hunting or Animal Rights Demonstrations (2015) A guide to help you develop a plan of action that can be followed if you are the target of an anti-hunting or animal rights demonstration.
Introduction to Foxhunting (2013) 4th Edition A introductory guide to mounted hunting with hounds. A great tool to encourage new member participation
Performance Trial Rules and Regulations (2013) A guide to clarify and provide guidelines for Performance Trials.
Public Relations & Media Guidelines (1999) A guide of suggested methods to dealing with inquires from newspapers, magazines, radio, television, advertising, internet, and the local community.
Rider Down An emergency medicine guide for first responders in the hunt field by Karen McKay.
Social Media Guide (2012) A guide to the safe use of social media tools on the internet.
Territory Policy (2015) A guide to understanding the MFHA territory policy and issues that may arise.
The Secret World Inside the Animal Rights Agenda (2011) A guide to the secret world inside the Animal Rights agenda.

Click here to purchase a copy of the guides listed above.

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