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Hound & Puppy Shows – from the Guide for Hound Shows,Puppy Shows & Performance Trials

The MFHA provides financial support to sanctioned hound shows. The purpose is to promote hunt membership and public interest in hounds and help hound shows financially so they are able to keep entry fees down and encourage more hunts to attend.

A Hound Show should provide the opportunity to gain knowledge in many areas, to evaluate the quality of hounds, and by discussion, both formal and informal, to exchange ideas, not only about breeding and showing hounds, but also relating to many other areas that are essential to the sport of foxhunting.

Hound Show Recognition Requirements

Photo by Karen L. Myers, All hounds exhibiting must belong to a Registered or Recognized pack, which is a member in good standing of the MFHA, and which has paid the hound show fee (HSPT) to the MFHA. Such hounds must be registered or be eligible for registration with the MFHA.

In order to receive funding from the MFHA, all show secretaries must send two (2) prize lists to the MFHA office thirty (30) days prior to the closing date of the show. Upon receipt of said catalog (program), one half of said show’s allotment will be sent. The Executive Director of the MFHA determines and approves the allotments.

In order to receive the second half of the allotment, show secretaries must send show results, including results of the horn blowing contest (if applicable) and pictures of the grand champion foxhound, to the MFHA office no later than two (2) weeks after the show. Photo by David Traxler

A show must be held for two (2) consecutive years before applying for recognition or an allotment.

Show dates must be determined and approved by the MFHA so as not to conflict with the date of any other nearby recognized show. By July 1st of each year, a recognized show must advise the MFHA officeof the date and place of next year's show.

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