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Hunt Registration

Registration is the preliminary step that all groups interested in forming and operating a Recognized hunting establishment must take. For a new hunt to be registered and eventually recognized, it must have:

A minimum of twelve couples (hounds are always counted by twos hence the word "couple") of entered registered or registerable hounds for a live hunt, or six couples of entered hounds if a drag hunt. (A hunt which hunts fox scent rather than live quarry).

The hunt must also have a breeding program and produce their own hounds. Hounds must be well mannered, pack-trained and obedient to voice and horn. Since hounds must be trained and controllable, training starts before a hound is a year old. Since he must hunt with a pack, and not as an individual, he is usually coupled (attached by a collar to an older hound) and walked with him until he realizes that he is to stay with the others. Early training takes place on foot with the huntsman and whippers-in supervising. Once the young hounds are under control, they are introduced to horses when the staff mounts up and hounds are exercised with fitness being the goal. As hounds hunt over private farmland, they must ignore all farm animals and other dogs and pursue only the chosen quarry. The chasing of any other wildlife is also not allowed. A hound begins to hunt at roughly twelve to eighteen months of age. If he meets the standards set by the staff, he will be entered by that particular hunt. His name, preceded by the hunt's name and three generations of his bloodlines are sent to the Masters of Foxhounds Association and he will officially be registered in the Stud Book. The goal of hound breeding is to produce a pack of hounds that will run uniformly (stay together as a pack), give great tongue (known as cry), show stamina, nose (a keen sense of smell) and be biddable to the huntsman (obey commands).

Their kennels must meet the qualifications of sanitation and space. All parts of a country recorded for a Member Hunt by the Association (not including reserved country for future expansion) should be hunted a minimum of twice a season.

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